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Warhammer: Mark of Chaos
Developer: Black Hole Games
Publisher: Namco
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC
Total Files: 7
Total Downloads: 30,940

MASTER THE ART OF WAR: Warhammer: Mark of Chaos is about WAR, focusing on the armies and battles while de-emphasizing the tedious aspects of base and resource management.

EPIC, VISCERAL BATTLES ON A MASSIVE SCALE: Epic sense of both scale and detail where big demons and huge beautifully rendered battalions clash with thousands of characters battling on screens in intricate detail.

USE ENVIRONMENTS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE: A variety of buildable features and randomized, destructible terrains such as forests, swamps, plains, and tundra change the shape of the battlefield and add a layer of strategy that provides infinite replayability.

COMMAND HEROES AND CHAMPIONS: As armies move from battle to battle in an epic war, Heroes and Champions learn new tactics, unlock new abilities, command larger units, even challenge other Champions in a duel to the death.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR ARMY: Warhammer: Mark of Chaos takes customization to a new level by allowing for body part swaps, weapon and armor enhancements, and more powerful controls to paint units and customize banners. Additionally, players can accent armies with mercenary "Dogs of War", augmenting the look and play of their army for a unique game experience.

VARIETY OF PLAY MODES: Dynamic cooperative campaign mode and a full assortment of multiplayer modes for both casual and competitive gamers.

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