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Velvet Assassin
Developer: Replay Studios
Publisher: Gamecock Media Group
Official Website: Visit
Genre: Action, Shooter, Third-Person
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360
Total Files: 16
Total Downloads: 60,251

Velvet Assassin is set to be the next stealth-action highlight: it’s WW2 and the player takes on the role of MI6 agent Violette Summer.

Alone and behind enemy lines, sabotage is her goal – silent and deadly. Her secret missions will take her to various hotspots of the war, such as France, Poland and of course Germany. A typical assignment: destroying a building of military relevance, which means infiltrating a heavily guarded facility, placing explosive charges, killing a target person and finally making a dramatic escape.

Velvet Assassin is a 3rd person shooter featuring intense combat action and guerrilla gameplay, coupled with extensive stealth elements and a challenging upgrade-system for your weapons and character. Authentic challenges await the player, thanks to detailed scenarios modeled on historic locations: Velvet Assassin’s missions are fictitious but are set against a realistic backdrop. Whether Notre Dame in Paris, the Hamburg harbor, France’s Maginot bunkers or historic Warsaw: Velvet Assassin’s impressively realistic graphics shine with a unique, artistic look.


  • Impressive light and shadow FX
  • Powerful graphics engine featuring pixel and vertex shaders
  • Unique "film noir" style
  • More than 10 authentic weapons and many spy gadgets
  • Complex character and weapon upgrades
  • 20 spectacular killing moves
  • Challenging ranking system
  • Dark and tantalizing plot

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